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C O M M I S S I O N E D   W O R K S
by "Royal" Sculptor-Artist
Risto Karvinen

Helsingborgs Sports Museum
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Discobolos by Myron circa 450 BC.
Myron's Discobolos "The Discus-Thrower" is the museums logo. It has been pointed out that the museum should have a copy of the statue in original size (approx. 3 meter high). Said and done, here is the up to date work (Mach 14, 2005). Along with the statue, the museum is taking further steps in developing to be one of Helsingborgs premium public attractions.
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Myron was a Greek sculptor, known for one of the antique Greeces' most famous statue "Discobolos" which means discus-thrower and displays an Olympic discus-thrower. Myron worked circa 450 BC. His style is considered to represent a classic style and shows motion, life and dynamic balance. His revolutionary statues of athletes, introduced a great boldness in posture and rhythm. Myrons sculptures give an impression that the discus-thrower will fling the discus in the next instant. Statues from earlier times are generally stiff and without movement. Discobolos, from circa 450 BC, was originally a work in bronze, Myrons favorite material. Later the work was copied in marble by the Romans, called "Torso da Castel Porziano", displayed at Museo Nazionale in Rome.

Artist Risto Karvinen was born in 1945 in Kotka, Finland.
Risto Karvinen has been active, among others, in Canada with 14 exhibits of sculptures, 1989-1994.

Displayed works in Helsingborg:
    - "Discus-thrower" at Sports museum. Planned opening spring 2005.
    - Swedish Royal Princess Margareta located in the lobby of Sofiero castle.
    - Goalkeeper Kalle Svensson located on Stenbockgata in Olympia.
    - "Capstan" which was inaugurated at Parapete in 1994.
    - Future projects, many sculptures of goalkeepers from Helsingborg, "Goalkeepers' city".

Translation: Tarja Silegren

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